Level 3 Assessor Awards and Certificate

The Assessor Awards and Certificate are suitable for assessors in a variety of contexts: those assessing in the workplace and/or those assessing in alternative environments such as workshops and classrooms. Each qualification includes a unit that covers all the knowledge and understanding which is essential to the assessor’s role, plus one or more units that accredit their competent practice.

• Principles and practices of assessment
• Assessing competence in the work environment*
• Assessing vocational competence in environments other than the workplace*
NB * choice of topics/units depends on the assessor’s circumstances and the qualification taken.
• Initial assesment
• Interactive workshops
• Tutorials
• Progress reviews
• Work based and portfolio assessments
• e-portfolio
• Observation of assessment
• Questioning
• Use of documentary “product” evidence
• Professional discussion and/or written statements
• Use of witness testimony

Entry Requirements:

Participants must be involved in assessing learners using different methods.

Normal Duration

Awards - 6 months
Certificate - 9 months


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