Lucy Hazelton, King James’s School, Knaresborough

Staff from Leeds City Council, Level 3 Certificate Advice and Guidance
10 October 2017
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22 February 2018

Lucy Hazelton, King James’s School, Knaresborough

Lucy Hazelton came across Career Works when she attended a conference where they were exhibiting. She found them very informative, friendly and approachable. Lucy was looking to complete her Level 6 Careers Information and Guidance qualification and was also looking to go for accreditation. She could do both with Career Works so felt it offered good value for money.

The main reason that Lucy took the Level 6 CGD course was to support her school’s aim to achieve the Quality Standards for Careers Education and Guidance. To achieve this she was required to have a Level 6 CGD qualification. Initially Lucy was a little hesitant as she had been working successfully at level 4 for over 13 years and didn’t see how this would benefit her in her current role.

Despite initially not being very keen on doing the qualification, Lucy actually enjoyed each of the three units, saying it was an excellent way to encourage her to look at what she was doing, how she was doing it and why. She also revisited career guidance theories, bringing her theory knowledge up to date.  As she was already focusing on LMI in school she found this part of the course interesting.

Lucy thought the most useful unit for her was ‘Reflect on and Improve Professional Practice’. This was something that she was already doing in her current role but the unit helped her to take extra time to focus more fully on the bigger picture.

Lucy found that the three units were a great refresher and reminded her that her personal development plays an important part in the support that she give to the students in her school.

When asked if she would recommend Careers Works to others, Lucy said:

“In a word yes, I was very lucky with my mentor.  He was very supportive, patient, easy to contact and always got back to me very quickly.  In his own way, I think he was good at getting that little more out of me and made me dig deeper into my understanding and thoughts about what I was doing.  I was unable to attend the study day on Career Guidance Theories and he took the time to answer all my questions”.

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